2020 Addendum

The following document represents additions, changes, and deletions to the 2019-2020 Coastal Pines Technical College Catalog and Student Handbook. These changes should replace any information that appeared in the 2019-2020 Coastal Pines Technical College Catalog

Section/Program Changes Effective
Action Information Changed
Veteran's Assistance 202112 Update wording Update wording in Procedure
New Program 202112 New Program AA91 AWS Cloud Solutions Specialist
CIST 2480 202112 New Course CIST 2480 AWS Cloud Foundations
CIST 2481 202112 New Course CIST 2481 AWS Cloud Architecting
CIST 2482 202112 New Course CIST 2482 AWS Cloud Developing
Electronics Technology-ET14 202112 New Specialization Added Biomedical Instrumentation Technology Specialization-8B12
BMET 1231 202112 New Course BMET 1231 Medical Equipment Function & Operation I
BMET 2242 202112 New Course BMET 2242 Medical Equipment Function & Operation II
BMET 2343 202112 New Course BMET 2343 Internship Medical Systems
CIST 2611 202114 Name Change Implementing Inter/Intranet Firewalls to Network Defense and  Countermeasures
CIST 2412 202114 Name Change MS Server Directory Services to MS Server Installation & Maintenance      
CIST 2413 202114 Name Change MS Server Infrastructure to MS Server Networking
CIST 2414 202114 Name Change MS Server Administrator to Windows Server Identity Services
CIST 2451 202114 Name Change Introduction to Networks to Introduction to Networks - CISCO
CIST 2452 202114 Name Change CISCO Routing and Switching Essentials to CISCO Switching, Routing, & Wireless Essentials
CIST 2453 202114 Name Change CISCO Scaling Networks to Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation
New Program 202114 New Program EH13 Horticulture, AAS
New Program 202114 New Program CW71 Cybersecurity Fundamentals, TCC
Program Added 202114   TC31 Technical Specialist, TCC 
ATI Fee Increase 202114   $309/semester to $567/semester
Random Drug Screening Fee 202116 Increased from

$115 to $141

Tuition Payment Plan (NelNet) 202116   Updated Simple Steps to Enroll