Student Navigator/Academic Affairs

The Student Navigator serves as a liaison between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. The Student Navigator works with faculty to promote retention and student success through TEAMS (TCSG’s Early Alert Management System).  Using this system, faculty identify students who may be at-risk for course completion early in the semester and alert the Student Navigator.  Early intervention is usually more successful in order for the student to receive assistance before midterm.

The Student Navigator offers help to students experiencing difficulties that may affect their academic performance at CPTC. The Student Navigator assists:

  • students who are experiencing academic difficulties in class
  • students who are have excessive attendance issues
  • students who are experiencing other personal hardships or challenges that may affect their success

The Student Navigator assists with:

  • study tips
  • test taking strategies
  • test anxiety tips
  • motivation
  • stress management
  • time management
  • referrals to tutoring
  • additional tools for Student Success

Contact the CPTC Student Navigator at 912-285-6361.