2023 -2024 Addendum

The following document represents additions, changes, and deletions to the 2022-2023 Coastal Pines Technical College Catalog and Student Handbook. These changes should replace any information that appeared in the 2023-2024 Coastal Pines Technical College Catalog

Section/Program Changes Effective
Action Information Changed
Welding 1060 10/17/2023 Added Added course to Catalog
Surgical Technology Specialization 1/8/2024 Removed Removed Surg Specialization from Health Care Assistant TCC
Paramedicine Outcome Data 2/6/2024 Updated New Cohort Data
CPR Card Fee 2/6/2024 Removed No longer Charge CPR Card fee for NAST 1100.  Only ALHS 1040
Practical Nursing & Related 4/01/2024 Added  Practical Nursing Certificate PN21
Practical Nursing & Related 7/1/2024 Updated Practical Nursing Diploma - Discontinuing 
Paramedicine 4/11/2024 Update Added Program Goals