Readmission to the College

Students who have not attended CPTC in the past calendar year or who have enrolled at another institution must complete a new CPTC admission application. Applicants must provide transcripts from each institution attended since last being enrolled at CPTC. Applicants who are not in good academic standing at their former institution will be accepted on academic probation.

Students dismissed or suspended from CPTC for academic reasons may apply to re-enter after completing the designated absence. Consideration of the application for readmission will be made by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Reapplying does not guarantee acceptance.

Upon re-entry to the college, regardless of the reason, all students must follow standards, policies, and regulations that are in effect at the time of re-entry. A change of program is considered a re-admission and application to change a program must be made through the Office of Admissions.