Application Procedures for Pell Eligible Programs

Students who will be enrolled in a Federal Pell eligible program must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  All students must use their legal name as it appears on their social security card.  Using anything other than their legal name will result in major delays during processing.  Coastal Pines Technical College’s Title IV Institution Code is 005511.   Students can electronically access FAFSA on the Web at or complete either the paper application (requests for paper application must be made by calling (800) 4-FEDAID) and mail the paper application in the envelope provided to the Department of Education for processing.  Either of these methods will allow the Financial Aid Office to receive your application information electronically.  Other Coastal Pines Technical College forms need to be completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office. 

If the FAFSA application is mailed, the student can expect to receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the processing center in four to six weeks.  All pages of the SAR must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

If the FAFSA application is processed on-line, the student must either mail their signed signature page to the address provided or electronically sign the application as instructed. The Central Processing System will then determine eligibility for financial aid within 72 hours.  A SAR will be mailed to the student.

If a FAFSA has been submitted and processed, there is no need to submit a separate application for the HOPE Grant or Scholarship.  This is due to the Federal and State processing centers sharing information.  Determination of eligibility will be made once all required forms and documents are received and processed.

Please check  BannerWeb  account weekly in order to check the status of your application process.