Student Complaints Grievances

Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) students have the right to file informal and formal complaints regarding issues arising from the application of a policy or procedure. It is the policy the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and CPTC to maintain a complaint process available to all students that provides an open and meaningful forum for their complaints, resolution of those complaints, and is subject to clear guidelines. Given the variety of situations in which complaints might arise, the response to concerns will follow either an informal or formal process.

Informal Complaint:
Complaints are considered informal when they are expressed verbally, by mail, or submitted via the Suggestion Box on the CPTC website.

Formal Complaint:
Complaints are considered formal when the concern is submitted in writing and the document specifically indicates the writer intends to file a formal complaint. Concerns submitted by email will be considered informal unless the body of the email specifically indicates otherwise.

Procedures for filing formal complaints/grievances are published in the CPTC Catalog and Student Handbook, which is accessible on the CPTC website.

When filing a complaint/grievance, the student should adhere to specified deadlines and provide detailed information about the nature of the complaint, including date(s), time(s), and names of individuals involved, as well as the procedure violated (if known). Supporting documentation which substantiates the complaint should be included if available.

The office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs maintains a log of academic related student complaints that are processed at the Vice President’s level.

The office of the Vice President for Student Affairs maintains a log of non-academic student complaints to include student code of conduct, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment, discrimination, and all other non-academic complaints or grievances.

Student logs are reviewed annually by the appropriate Vice President in order to identify trends and address recurring problems. Findings are shared with the Cabinet. If trends are identified, the Cabinet develops action plans to address the problems.

 Type of Complaint/Grievance

Directed To

 Timeline for Complaint Resolution

Academic Grade Appeals

Academic Affairs

Student to appeal to the instructor who awarded the grade within 10 business days.  If not resolved, to the Dean within 20 business days; then to the VP Academic Affairs within 30 business days.

Academic Suspension or Dismissal Appeal

Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Student to file appeal within 10 business days from learning of Suspension or Dismissal

General Non-Academic

Vice President for Student Affairs

Student has 10 business days from date of incident to resolve the matter informally; if not resolved, 15 business days to file the formal grievance.  The VP for Student Affairs or President’s designee will investigate and respond to the student within 15 business days.  An additional 15 business days shall be granted upon notice to the grieving student.  The student may appeal the decision of the VP for Student Affairs or President’s designee to the College President within 5 business days of receiving response.  The decision of the appeal shall be made within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal. 

Code of Conduct

Vice President for Student Affairs

Within 5 business days of a filed Code of Conduct Complaint, the VP for Student Affairs or designee shall conduct a preliminary investigation and schedule a meeting with the student against whom the complaint was filed. The student shall have 5 business days from the date contacted to schedule a meeting.

If sanctions are recommended, the student shall have the right to appear in a hearing within 10 business days.

If eligible for appeal, the student shall have 5 business days after receiving notification to file an appeal.  The College President shall deliver the appeal decision within 10 business days.

Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination including Title VI/Section 504/ADA and Title IX/Sex Discrimination

Special Services Director

Investigations of all complaints shall be completed within 45 business days of the receipt of the complaint.  No later than 10 business days after completion of an investigation, parties will be provided investigative summary findings.

Any of the parties to a complaint may request a review of the investigative findings within 5 business days of receiving notice.  Within 10 business days of receiving a request for review, the President will notify the parties in writing of his/her final determination.