Fee Payment

Payments may be made to the cashiers during regular business hours or online via BannerWeb.

The College will accept personal checks with proper identification for fees, tuition, services, and bookstore items. When a bank refuses to honor a personal check, the college shall charge a service fee to the person who presented the check. This service fee may not exceed $30 and will include the amount of any fee charged to the College by the financial institution.

Students shall be notified by mail of a dishonored check and the Business Office shall place an "administrative hold" on the students' accounts and records. Until the "administrative hold" is cleared, the student shall not be issued grade reports, transcripts, or any other student records, or allowed to register, graduate or receive college services. If the dishonored check was for tuition, the college may also administratively drop or withdraw the student from class(es).

Due diligence in collection activities will be practiced by the College, up to and including referral to court and/or collection agencies, as deemed appropriate.