Transfer Credit

Students who wish to have prior college credit evaluated for transfer or intend on using a funding source that requires the evaluation of prior college credit, such as HOPE Scholarship or Veterans Educational Benefits, must submit all post-secondary transcripts along with their admission application.

All official transcripts submitted by applicants to the college are evaluated for credit transfer. Credit for courses at a college, university, or other postsecondary institution accredited by a national or regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Technical College System of Georgia and whose curriculum is equivalent to or greater than that of CPTC will be considered for award of transfer credit.

Students who have completed all or part of their secondary or postsecondary education outside of the United States are required to have their foreign educational credentials evaluated and approved by an independent evaluation agency.

Collegiate credit awarded by colleges, universities, or other postsecondary institutions not fully accredited nor in candidacy status for accreditation from a regional accrediting association will be considered for transfer credit following the verification of instructor credentials and approval by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designated authority.

CPTC will honor any academic sanctions imposed on applicants by the last postsecondary institution attended.

Awarding of transfer credit by CPTC does not guarantee that institutions subsequently attended by the student will accept the credit.

The following guidelines apply to the evaluation of transfer credit: 

  • An official transcript is on file from all post-secondary institutions attended. Credits from one former institution appearing on the transcript of another institution can neither be evaluated nor accepted for credit without an official transcript from the institution of origin.
  • A desktop review (evaluation of courses for transfer credit) is required.
  • A grade of "C" or higher has been earned for each course transferred.
  • Occupationally related technical course work should have been completed within 7 years prior to enrollment at CPTC. Credit competency Exams are available for consideration of credit for technical courses that are more than 7 years old.
  • No time limits exist on transferability of general education coursework.
  • The course is essentially the same in content as the course at CPTC.
  • Maximum credit hours awarded for a transfer course will not exceed the credit hours assigned to equivalent course at CPTC.
  • Course descriptions, syllabi, and pertinent catalog information will be reviewed to assure course compatibility with those of CPTC. Students are responsible for obtaining appropriate course descriptions and additional documentation if needed.
  • Decisions regarding the transfer of academic credit are made by the Registrar.