Degrees and Certificates


PHLT 1030: Introduction to Venipuncture

Credits 3
Provides an introduction to blood collecting techniques and processing specimens. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills needed to collect all types of blood samples from hospitalized patients. Topics include: venipuncture procedure, safety and quality assurance; isolation techniques, venipuncture problems, and definitions; lab test profiles and patient care areas; other specimen collections and specimen processing; test combinations, skin punctures and POCT; professional ethics and malpractice; and certification and licensure.

ALHS 1011, ALHS 1090, & ALHS 1040.

PHLT 1050: Clinical Practice

Credits 5
Provides work experiences in a clinical setting. Emphasis is placed on enhancing skills in venipuncture techniques. Topics include: introduction to clinical policies and procedures and work ethics; routine collections: adult, pediatric, and newborn; and special procedures.

PHLT 1030.