Degrees and Certificates


COFC 1010: Introduction to Construction

Credits 2
This course covers the introduction to the different crafts in the building trades through an overview of the building process. The student is also introduced to the attitudes in life skills required to succeed in the construction industry. Topics include an introduction to the construction trades, workplace expectations, professional ethical standards,, proper practices, fundamentals of measurement, working in teams, learning for success, and life skills.




COFC 1011: Overview of Building Construction Practices and Materials

Credits 3

This course covers the introduction to a residential construction project from start to finish. Topics to include preparing to build, tools and equipment, building foundations, wood frame construction, completing the structure, finish carpentry, construction specialties, and materials and fasteners used in the construction industry

COFC 1020: Professional Tool Use and Safety

Credits 3

This course provides instruction in the use of professional tools for the construction trades. Emphasis will be placed on the safe use of each tool discussed. Topics include layout and measuring tools, cutting tools, sawing tools, drilling and boring tools, finishing and fastening tools, general shop tool use, and job site setup

COFC 1050: Construction Print Reading Fundamentals

Credits 3

This course introduces the reading and interpretation of prints and architectural drawings for all of the construction trades. Topics include types of plans, scales, specifications, conventions, and schedules

COFC 1080: Construction Trades Core

Credits 4

This course introduces the student to the basic fundamentals of the construction trades. Topics include Basic Safety, Construction Math, Hand and Power Tools, Construction Drawings, Rigging, Materials Handling, and Job-Site Communication and Work Ethic Skills